Skin infections are bad, very bad. Once your pet has it, you should fight it like hell. Zymox shampoo contains the Zymox 3-point enzyme system to help you destroy bacteria and fungi that cause skin infections. Zymox Medicated Antibacterial Pet Rinse is 100% safe and gentle enough for all type of breeds, sizes, even puppies and kittens, plus it smells good. This product doesn’t contain harsh detergents, pesticides, colorings, or any residual petroleum products.

Zymox Medicated Antibacterial Pet Rinse


Product Features

  • Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo Is Gentle On The Skin Yet Tough On Bacterial And Fungal Infections
  • 3-point enzyme system
  • Helps destroy bacteria
  • Destroy fungi that cause skin infections
  • Antibacterial

Some customer reviews

“I have used this product only once in between bath time and it smelled great and did the trick until I was able to bath my dog again. I use Zymox Shampoo and think it is the greatest thing I have come across in ages….rinse is helpful to keep from over bathing and drying his skin out.” — E.O. Stair

“This product is ideal for the warmer,wetter climates where skin issues for dogs are a real problem. Just put it on your pet and rinse slightly. Then pat it dry a little and let your pet dry naturally.” — Diana G. Lee

“This rinse is a lifesaver. My dog is prone to skin infections due to allergies. The rinse kills the bacteria and fungus and it leaves my dogs skin and coat moisturized and very soft. It also has a very pleasant aroma. You can use it between shampoo’s too. I place a small amount in my hands and rub it into my dogs coat. It leaves his coat soft and does not leave a residue. To top it off the price is right. I am very grateful to have found this product. I also use the shampoo and the ear medication and they all work great. I highly recommend Zymox products.” — Opus

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