Zymox Ear Cleanser is non-toxic and safe way to manage ear problems. This product is the only recommended ear cleaner for use with Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution, because it won’t interfere with the Zymox Tree Point Enzyme System activities. You can also use Zymox ear cleanser for maintenance and prevention because this cleanser contains Lactoferrin and Lysozyme.

Zymox Pet Ear Cleaner


Product Features

  • maintenance ear cleaner
  • prevention ear cleaner
  • enzymatic solution

Some customer reviews

“My 11-yr-old cocker spaniel had no ear problems until receiving a dose of antibiotics for a different health problem. Within a month of that veterinarian visit, she had a yeast infection in both ears. The regular cleaning solution wasn’t helping and I didn’t want another discouraging and costly trip to the vet, so I tried this product (along with the Xymox Otic) and have seen enormous improvement. The Otic worked very well to fight off the yeast infection, and this cleanser is now my ear health maintenance product of choice.” — SAS

“I found this product to work very well and very inexpensive. It took the smell right out of my dogs ear. Would definetly recommend to anyone” — Michelle J.

“Hooray for this product! No more yucky ears for my little puppy and the occasional cleaning prevents any further infections. To the vet that claimed my puppy will probably be doomed to constant infections, surgery to try and fix its chronic ear problems, and eventually being put down because of it (this diagnosis after the FIRST infection) I say SUCK IT!” — Mara

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