Zuke’s Mini Naturals Moist Miniature Treats For Dogs is a healthy treat for training reward. Your dog will love every bite of it. Zuke’s Mini Treat offers vitamins and minerals in each little morsel to keep your dog healthy. It’s a natural product, it doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, artificial colors, or added animal fat. It’s wheat free and corn free. This treat is perfect for all sized dogs, small to large.

Zuke's Mini Natural Dog Treats Chicken


You don’t need to worry about over feeding when training your dog and giving him/her Zuke’s Mini Treat as reward. Each of Zuke’s Mini consists of just two calories and packed with nutritious delicious of real chicken, salmon or peanut butter. The size is perfect for your pocket or bait bag.

Product Features

  • Each treat contains only 2 calories
  • Ideal for all dog breeds, from mini to large sized dogs
  • This dog treat has been with only high quality proteins and grains, it also contains essential vitamins and minerals needed by your dog
  • This product doesn’t use any artificial colors or flavors
  • Made in the USA with USA sourced meats, grains, fruits and vegetables

Also available Peanut Butter and Salmon
Zuke's Mini Natural Dog Treats Peanut ButterZuke's Mini Natural Dog Treats Salmon

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