Zoo Med ReptiTemp 500r Thermostat for reptiles provides you 6 foot remote sensor probe with dual port plug receptacle. You can use combination of this unit with Zoo Med’s Ceramic Heat Emitter and Repti Therm Under Thank Heater. The safety cover in this thermostat is very useful to prevent any accidental bumping of the temperature control dial.

Zoo Med Repti-Temp 500r Remote Sensor Thermostat for Reptiles


Zoo Med ReptiTemp 500r Thermostat range is from 70F to 110F or 21C to 43C. It is suggested that you know the specific temperature requirements for your pet.

Product Features

  • Safety cover prevents accidental bumping of the temperature control dial!
  • Range is from approximately 70F to 110F (21C to 43C)
  • UL listed
  • Maximum 500 watts of Control
  • Full One Year Warranty

Some customer reviews

“I’ve been using one of these thermostats for over 10 years, and i’ve never had any reptile product that I’ve enjoyed so much. Extremely easy to set up and use, this unit allows you to cycle a heat lamp or ceramic heater (or a matt or heat tape for that matter) on and off at the optimal temperature. You can easily set it to turn off at a lower temperature for a night drop, necessary for many species. The unit is also very easy to mount, and the probe is at the end of a long, thin black cord which is completely unobtrusive in any terrarium or cage setting.” — Trip Mitchell

“I use a digital thermometer to monitor the temperature inside my double-walled, insulated turtle house and the 500R thermostat keeps the temperature setting to within 1 degree of my setting. Getting it right initially took a bit of effort because I had to watch the temperature for an hour or so to make sure it was right. I like the protective cover that is part of the design.” — LLL

“Great item to for your reptile keep temp where you need to keep it. My corn snake need 83-85 deg for good health the zoo med ReptTemp 500r does a great job keeping the temp study at 84-85 deg.” — Rustin Scardina

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