Zoo Med Repti-Therm UTH Under Tank Heater can keep your terrarium warm with only around 8 watts. This unit is C.U.L approved which mean safe and ideal heater for your reptiles, amphibians, or any small animals. You can kill the chill and keep your pets in their warm habitat for 24 hours a day. Zoo Med Repti-Therm UTH Under Tank Heater uses a solid state nichrome element which only cost you pennies a day to operate. Available in different sizes, from mini to large.

Zoo Med Repti Therm UTH Under Tank Heater


Product Features

  • Heaters range from 4 to 24 watts
  • For 10-20 gallons terrarium
  • C.U.L approved for safety

Some customer reviews

“I have used my Repti-Therm, UTH for my 10 gallon hermit crab tank and they are all five happy and warm with it. It works better than anything else I tried!” — Emma

“My son bought a crocodile gecko this summer. We had trouble finding a heater for the 10 gallon gecko home- I guess it is a common size so both pet stores were sold out. I found this for a very good price and it is working out great.” — Vicki

“Perfect size for 10 gallon tank. Keeps the snake nice and warm at night. Shipped fast!” — Lisa J. Miller

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