Zoo Med Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifier is a great tool to humidify your reptile cage. It has adjustable fog output control with easy removal and refilling, read to operate. Create tropical rainforest inside your reptile cage, dramatic cool mist can increase animal comfort, humidity and of course visual appeal.

This humidifier can be used to increase overall humidity level in smaller terrariums, but it can also be used to create a humid “micro climate” in larger terrariums. Inside the box, you’ll find one liter bottle and all necessary fittings, “no-spill” valve to make it easy to remove and refill the water bottle. This tool is an excellent for use with the following reptiles & amphibians: Chameleons and Anoles, Dart Frogs, Tropical Geckos, Forest Tortoise Species, hatchling and juvenile tortoises, Box Turtle and Hermit Crabs. Flex Tubing extends from 10″ to 32″ allowing for various terrarium sizes and setups.

zoo med repti fooger terrarium humidifier

Zoo Med Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifier creates a lot of fog quickly and humidifies the reptile cage. I have to remind you to mount the hose in a way it puts fog into the cage from above instead of a side wall as it will collect the water in the tube and drip. By mounting the hose to point down into the cage, any drips will fall back into the machine instead of the cage. Please avoid mineral build up by using distilled water as it can cause this device to stop working.

zoo med repti fooger humidifier

Read all the instructions carefully, if this humidifier system stops working after a couple of months even after you have followed the instructions of usage, you should return it to the merchant and ask for replacement. There are some bad reviews out there about this unit stops working after sometime (I’m not sure if they have misused this fogger humidifier such as turn it on non-stop for weeks), you might want to keep your receipt, you know, just in case.

zoo med repti fooger humidifier

To get precise humidity and temperature control, you can use Zoo Med’s Repti Fogger with Zoo Med’s HygroTherm Humidity and Temperature Controller which sold separately.

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zoo med hygro therm humidity and temperature controller

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