Kong Wubba Dog Toy will drive your dog crazy in fun. You can also join in fun playing this interactive toss and tug dog toy. Kong Wubba Dog Toy is made of two rubber balls, a tennis ball on top and squeaker ball beneath, covered in durable reinforced nylon fabric. Read customer reviews to get the idea how cool this dog toy is.

Kong Wubba Dog Toy


Product Features

  • The long tails make it easy to pick up and throw
  • Dogs love to squeak the Wubba and shake the flapping tails back and forth
  • The tails are great for throwing and retrieving
  • Sold in assorted colors; blue, red and purple
  • For dogs 60 to 90 pounds

Kong Wubba Dog Toy


Some customer reviews

“I got the size large for my Heeler and he LOVES it! He destroys everything we buy within minutes, and this toy is still in great shape. I highly recommend anything made by Kong if you want a toy that will last.” — Shelly Neumann

“We were given a Wubba as a gift for our puppy. I would have never thought that this would become such a wonderful toy and we would buy more. Our Jack Russell loves these and has several throughtout the house. She will gather them all and bring them to us every night for ‘Wubba Time’ ” — P Pell

“My dachshund loves her Wubba toys. She plays so much with them that we end up buying a lot of them, because she chews them. This is the best price I’ve seen yet.” — Lewella

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