Your cat’s instinct is to hunt, play, and eat. So why not give your cat a toy that allows him/her pass the time entertained. MultiVet SlimCat Food Distributor Ball lets your pet to do all those 3 instincts at the same time. Fill the SlimCat with dry cat food, you can adjust the hole to let one piece of treat at a time exit the ball. This way, you can control how fast your pet eats and provide your cat with hours of fun. This can also improve his/her digestion. Your cat will definitely hunt this ball down.

MultiVet Slimcat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser


Product Features

  • Improve your kitty?s eating and exercise habits simultaneously
  • Builds muscle and burns fat, while fighting obesity and lethargy
  • Perfect for all breeds of cat
  • Made from FDA-approved plastic
  • Safe for dishwashers

Some customer reviews

“Awesome product. This is exactly what I was looking for! My cat was sometimes eating too fast out of his bowl as he would vomits his food up right after eating. This totally keeps him from eating too fast. Plus, it is giving him a little exercise. The only potential issue is that I don’t know how long it will hold up as it doesn’t seem well constructed. I would definitely buy this again, though!” — Kim

“A great idea! Mr. Cheddar may not be thrilled that he is foraging for kibble these days, but he is certainly getting more exercise. If you have an indoor cat that is getting to be a bit lazy, try one of these balls, they work.” — Geraldine

“My cat had been steadily gaining weight, because we couldn’t get her to stop eating. With the food ball, she has to work at getting the kibbles, and she seems to be losing weight quickly. She also wants to be fed first thing in the morning, and this way I can keep the ball in my nighttable and just drop it on the ground for her without getting out of bed. She still makes some noise eating, but it’s much better than the crying we used to hear.” — E. Perlman

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