Train your dog agility with this Weave Pole Playset. This playset is constructed of lightweight PVC with 6 upright poles set at 10 inch intervals. To master this skill is not going to be easy for your dog, but you will surely proud when your dog does!

Weave Pole Agility Playsets are a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time, you can interact and bond with your dog. This exercise provides body activity to promote obedience and physical health, you and your dog won’t get bored.

dog agility playset weave poles


These playsets are built to the standards of the AKC with durable materials, and each component comes with easy to follow assembly instructions and training tips. They each come in a nylon carrying case that makes them easy to transport and store. Start collecting them all to create your own agility course.

dog agility playset weave poles


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