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Wall Mount Fish Bowl Adds a Decorative Element To Your Wall

This Wall Mount Fish Bowl is certainly going to add unique touch to your interior design. It’s made from Acrylic with 10-inch in Diameter, you can easily mount it to the wall. This fish bowl can hold around 1 gallon of water. With its open top, you can clean this fish bowl easily, very great decoration for fish lover.

wall mount fish bowl



Some customer reviews

“I have had 2 of these wall aqariums and they are the best! My son cant get to them and he can still see the fish inside without being Mr. Destructo…lol…I definitely would recommend these for anyone, kids or no kids. It’s brings apon great convo!” — Lasheeta Mun

Product Features
- Awesome Wall Mount Fish Bowl
- Great for Decoration for Beta & Goldfish
- Measures 10″ in Diamter
- Screws into any Wall, Easy Opening & Cleaning
- Made from Acryllic

wall mount fish bowl



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