WalkyDog Hands Free Bicycle Dog Leash is safe, stable, and fun. Bike Rides is more fun with your best buddy by your side, this is where WalkyDog becomes very handy. This unit is a smart way to exercise your dog and release energy, you don’t have to leave your dog at home. It’s easy to use and only minutes to install. Its patented design includes an internal shock-absorbing system and quick lock and release capability for easy switching between bikes.

WalkyDog Hands Free Bicycle Dog Leash


You can extend WalkyDog Hands Free Bicycle Dog Leash to a maximum of 14″. For additional length (if 14″ ins not enough for you), you can attach WalkyDog lead to your dog current lead. This type of cord is usually available at many hardware stores.

Product Features

  • Easy to install – everything included.
  • Spare clamps for additional bikes available
  • Hands Free – Cord Adjusts
  • Can be used with collar or harness, moves easily to other bikes.

WalkyDog Hands Free Bicycle Dog Leash


Some customer reviews

“Works great. I have one on both sides of my bike. Really helps to drain energy from my dogs 1st thing in the morning. If you have a strong puller make sure you really tighten down the allen screws on the clamp. Check the screws periodically because Ive found they can loosen up some over time.” — Christopher D. Trail

“I originally had reservations about this product because I was not sure how my Siberian Husky would react while attached. He is not the best walker because he is easily distracted and I did not want him to pull me over while using this. It was great to find out that the leash is spring loaded and it is really stable even though he has tried to pull me over. A great product and I can finally wear him out!!” — JB

“I love the walky dog. It allows me to tire out my very energetic dog even when I am short on time. If I put a halter on her she just pulls me. I don’t even have to pedal. If I go with just a collar then we can get around town without worrying about being pulled into traffic or a parked car when a squirrel runs past us.” — Megan

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