Vittles Vault Stackable is a plastic container that will hold food or seed. This container will keep the food fresh and prevent any bugs with its airtight. This unit features an easy open lid.

Vittles Vault 40-Pound Stackable


Product Features

  • perfect for homes with two animals
  • easy access
  • stackable
  • holds 40-pound of food
  • Airtight

Some customer reviews

“Stackable, airtight, and easy to fill. I recomend these to anyone that needs pet food storage.” — Lisa D. Herd

“I bought two of these containers to store bird and squirrel food outside. Squirrels and raccoons couldn’t open the lids. However, after a couple of weeks, the squirrels learned that they could chew through them and there is now 40 lbs of nuts and seeds on my deck. These containers are great, but store them either inside or in a metal cabinet outside.” — Ian Douglas

“My husband bought me one of these a while back to store bird food, so I decided to get another one to store a different kind of bird food. I love the fact that they are stackable, which saves room in the garage. Great product!” — Alexis C. Forest

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