Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash and Dry helps to keep your dog’s ears dry and clean. This product is very helpful for long eared dogs. Each bottle contains special formula to soothe ears and ease scratching, redness, soreness due to waxy buildup and keeps the ear canal fresh. Is your dog a swimmer? This certainly a great product do guard the ears.

Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash and Dry Kit


Product Features

  • The 2 step solution for problem ears
  • Developed for dogs
  • Safe for puppies
  • Contains no stinging alcohol
  • Two 4 ounce bottles

A customer review

“I have tried ear washes in the past from pet stores, veterinarians and home remedies. None really worked that well until now. Dr Thomas has made an all natural ear wash that is better than any other available anywhere. This ear wash just gets the job done right and almost immediately gives relief. The ear dry helps to heal quickly and reduce redness. After one day the ears will look 100 times better. The second cleaning totally got rid of the mites, redness and infection. I have never seen any ear med so powerful and fast acting. This stuff is worth it’s weight in gold. My brother is a veterinarian and I have never gotten anything this good from him. He will be selling this ear wash to his clients soon.” — Lickdacat

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