Beautiful and classic standing bird feeder, isn’t it? You’ll delight at the luxurious appearance of this garden accessory. Verdigris Gazebo Standing Outdoor Garden Bird Feeder is made from plastic but looks like a sculpted metal, it’s lightweight and affordable.

Verdigris Gazebo Standing Outdoor Garden Bird Feeder


Product Features

  • Made from plastic
  • Measures 14 1/2″ diameter x 39 3/4″ high

Some customer reviews

“sturdy plastic, easy to put together. birds seem happy with it, holds about quart of seed, nice looking outside.
delivery prompt and packed well.” — Donks

“This is a very pretty feeder, and my cardinals love it. The only things I would say aren’t favorable with this feeder are that it’s difficult to fill and the plastic makes it limited in where it can be placed.

Because it’s so lightweight, I cannot set it in the grass or on mulch. I have had a difficult time finding a good spot for it in my yard and finally resorted to setting it on my stone patio in the front.” — Jill A. Slutsky

“This is awesome in he garden. The only thing I do not like is it is plastic. I must have missed that when I ordered it. It really is great and does work well though and from a distance you can not tell it is plastic.” — Linda M. Paz

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