UGODOG indoor dog potty will keep your dog’s paws dry, it’s a great training tool, keep your house clean and dry. Each shipment of this unit comes with training instructions inside to help you training on your puppy or dog’s behavior. UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty offers you a litter box to avoid any mess in your house while you’re away. This litter box is designed with a solid base to support any breed of dogs, with its removable grates, cleaning up this unit is really easy.

The reason why UGODOG uses grates, it’s because grates will allow your pet’s paws to remain dry while the urine passes through the cubed openings. On the base below, you can use pet’s pee pads or unused newspaper to absorbs the urine and odor.

UGODOG indoor dog potty


Product Features

  • This product has been designed to ease you pain when cleaning your dog’s mess
  • The solid base can support all dog breeds
  • In order to keep your dog delicate paws safe, the grids have been specially designed and engineered

UGODOG indoor dog potty


Based on some customer reviews, it’s better to use this potty system to puppies, because they are easier to train. Even when you have trained them to use paper pads, it won’t be really hard to transition them to this new system. The great thing about UGODOG, this potty system keeps your dog’s paws clean and dry. No more paws print on the floor.

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