Common issue in dogs would be anxiety. Dogs can get anxiety attack for simple things like thunder, separation, travel, barking, even fireworks, and much more. One of my dogs is really upset every time she hears loud noise such as kids running around at the front of my house. Some anxiety level can be very severe that dog owners seek for help. Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment has helped many dogs and rapidly embraced by professionals. Their mission is to help relieve the suffering of thousands of dogs while at the same time will strengthen the bond between human and the dog.

Thundershirt works by giving constant and soft pressure to create dramatic calming effect for dogs every time they feel anxious or over-excited. This product has been recommended by dog trainers and veterinarians. Based on their research for over 2 years, over 80% of dogs show great improvement in symptoms when wearing this product.

Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment


Product Features

  • There are several sizes available, this one is medium. Perfect for dogs from 20 – 50 pounds while the chest size from 18″ to 26″.
  • This dog shirt is very easy to put on and take off
  • Comfortable fit, this is an essential point when it comes to treating noise anxiety
  • It looks pretty good and is made of durable fabric that is hair resistant
  • Easy to clean as this product is machine washable

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