The Tick Key is designed in flat and small size to make it easier to attach on your key chain or your pet’s collar or the leash. Remove ticks from your dog or cat by following the instruction in the pictures below, it’s really that simple. Your pet will love this tick removal and so will you. It has several different colors available, but the store may pick the color for you when you buy it online.

The Tick Key Effective Tick Removal


Product Features

  • Tick key has patent pending design that allows you to remove ticks of all sizes
  • It’s been tested for more than 5 years for perfection
  • The flat design makes it easy to keep in a wallet, pocket, collar, or leash
  • There are various colors available for you to choose

The Tick Key Effective Tick Removal


Based on some customer reviews, this tick key is very easy to use since it pops attached ticks quickly and painlessly. If you compared it to some old removal methods, you’d know that it involves with dangerous chemical usage, burning with a match. Those old methods might give greater risk to your pet. Even professional dog groomers recommend this product to their customers as the only tool that effectively removes the tick cleanly and completely.

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