The Iris RP-750 Plastic Rabbit Cage has unique design that makes it a comfortable home for your rabbit and easy for you to clean it. You can just pull out the litter box to empty it without even opening the cage. The door of the cage is easy to lock on the front and on top allow you easy access to the inside for the cleaning. As you can see because of the unique design of this cage, the litter box conserves space, the burrow area is still big enough for your bunny to stretch out when he sleeps, plus he will love it there because they can play hide and peek out of these.

iris rp-750 plastic rabbit cage

The Iris RP-750 Plastic Rabbit Cage will make you easier to litter train your rabbit, the natural instinct of your rabbit will make him know where to do his business with each different areas in the cage. The lower level of this cage protects the rabbit from being poked by small children, yet they still can see the bunny through the ventilation slots.

Product Features

  • It’s been designed with durable cage to make sure the comfort and convenient of your pet
  • This rabbit cage is made of strong, lightweight molded polypropylene and ABS plastic
  • There are 2 doors, front and top for easy access
  • You need to do some easy assembly the product when it arrives
  • It comes with removable lower waste compartment and four removing casters

Iris RP-750 Plastic Rabbit Cage Green

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  1. We want to grow rabbits in multiples of 5,000 does. This would not seem to be idea for such a large project. Do you have any designs that would suit commercial rabbit farming, that’s along the same design ideas as this single cage?


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