Tetra Water Wonders 1.5 Gallon Aquarium Kit allows you to get started underwater life as your hobby regardless your experience level. This aquarium is easy to setup and fit almost anywhere. This aquarium tank is made from clear acrylic that holds around 1.5 gallons of water and fits to almost any shelves, counters, and desktops. It has low voltage LED lighting to give you a bright look inside the aquarium at any angle.

Tetra Water Wonders 1.5 Gallon Aquarium Kit Silver


Tetra WaterWonders Aquarium Cube comes with air-powered Whisper 3-stage filtration and replaceable Bio Bags. Those tools will keep your aquarium to stay clear and odorless. Under the aquarium, there’s an integrated drawer which you could use to keep fish food and any other supplies.

Product Features

  • Easy, safe, and fun aquarium designed for beginners
  • Clear, resilient acrylic tank offers beautiful underwater view
  • Convenient 1.5-gallon size fits almost anywhere
  • Completely equipped for instant setup
  • Includes filter, pump, tubing, adjustable LED light, filter cartridge, plants, and complete setup guide

Tetra Water Wonders 1.5 Gallon Aquarium Kit Black


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One Response to “Tetra Water Wonders 1.5 Gallon Aquarium Kit”

  1. May 24, 2010 at 3:40 pm
    Jack Crpw says:

    i have one that i keep an albino pleco and 3 tiger barbs and it works great. the fish get along great even with limited space and its easy to clean. the only problem is that the pump sometimes needs to be repalced.

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