Travel with your dog in the back seat is safe using Outward Hound Front Seat Safety Barrier. This product prevents your dog from sliding between the front seats during braking. It’s easy and quick to install, you can attach this dog barrier to the car seat headrests and around the seats.

Outward Hound Front Seat Safety Barrier


Product Features

  • Keeps pets from sliding through to the front seat during hard breaking.
  • Also keeps pets from interfering with vehicle operations.

Some customer reviews

“This is a quality product. It’s genuinely easy to install, and provides an effective way to keep your pets in the back seat. It works for both our Golden Retriever and rescued mutt with containment phobia.” — L. J. Thomas

“I was looking for a barrier and there are a lot of them out there. They all looked like they would do the job so I decided to start with the cheapest one. The barrier is neither flimsy not heavy duty. Smaller dogs and particularly persistent dogs can find a way under the barrier. If you have a four door car (which I don’t) the straps could probably be tightened up to keep them from crawling under. Its short enough that really big dogs can try to climb over (including an 80 pound Great Dane puppy). I don’t think they could make it over but it causes a big enough commotion that driving wouldn’t be safe.” — Jessica Sims

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