Do you love your dog’s white fur? Well, you can keep your white cat, dog, or even horse looking clean and smelling fresh. Synergy Groomer’s Blend Ultra White Shampoo brightens white coats and can remove stains when repeated use. It’s a great way to keep your pet looking beautiful and professional. It contains no bleaches or peroxides.

How to use : Use warm water to wet the coat thoroughly. Apply shampoo. Massage deep into coat and skin. Rinse well and repeat. Keep the pet indoors until completely dry.

Synergy Groomer's Blend Ultra White Pet Shampoo


Product Features

  • Keeps your pet’s white coat looking clean and smelling fresh
  • Contains no bleach or peroxide
  • Ideal for white cats, dogs, and horses
  • Removes stains and brightens coats
  • 17-ounce bottle

Some customer reviews

“I used a couple other whitening dog shampoos but never had such a great result. After applying this shampoo during washing, my dog becomes so much whiter almost instantly! It smells great too. I recommend also buying Groomer’s choice dog conditioner which softens dog hair which makes it so much easier to brush and makes it smell great!” — Olga

“This shampoo is very gentle and a mild clean scent. It is not perfumy smelling! Very Nice product!!! I will buy it again for sure!!” — Ms. Cynthia M. Sullivan

“Works well … highly recommend … gets our Shih-Tzu’s coat very clean and looking whiter … fresh, clean, fragrance!” — Annabanana

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