Walk your little funny pal in this comfort harness, stylish, safe, and stretchy stroller leash. This leash has 3 different sizes to match the size of your pet, starting from small, medium, to large. The Super Pet Ferret Comfort Harness is designed to give maximum confort to your critter’s contour, fitting is easy since it also has velcro straps and e-z snap buckle to ensure the safety and secure connection on the harness.

super pet ferret comfort harness and stretchy leash

This harness can also be used to kittens due to its size, but as your kittens grow, you have to buy normal cat harness. Some people use the harness on young guinea pigs, just make sure that you fasten it without hurting your pet. I would not advise you to use this product if your pet wriggles when using it, that’s because they feel discomfort. You can use safe enclosure as the alternative to keep your pet walk safely.

super pet ferret comfort harness and stretchy leash

Super pet ferret comfort harness and stretch leash is specifically made for small animals, with unique harness and stretchy stroller that ensures your pet won’t get away from you. At first your rabbit might not feel comfortable, it takes time for him to trust you and relax with this leash on him. The stretch leash will make it easier for you to follow your pet. It is elastic enough to prevent injuries while you walk your pet. The small size is really for tiny animals, so if you plan to use this for your bunny, go with the medium or large sized super pet ferret comfort harness.

super pet ferret comfort harness and stretchy leash

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