Your hamsters will have a terrific time in this Super Pet Crittertrail Extreme Challenge habitat. As you can see from the picture, the rotating pet-powered activity wheel provides hours of fun activity, it also has spiral slide too. For easy interaction and safe resting location, this habitat offers removable petting zone and well ventilated environment. If you wish, you could add some connectible accessories. Inside this habitat, you’ll find a water bottle, food dish, petting zone, and the activity wheel to give a chance for your furry friend a fun exercise.

Super Pet Crittertrail Extreme Challenge Habitat

There are great reviews for this product, especially the quiet wheel. You might want to purchase a new water bottle for the cage, because some customers complained that the one came with the cage didn’t have the metal ball to keep the water from dripping. Another suggestion is that when you clean up this cage, please don’t forget to check the wheel, because sometimes your hamsters urinate in it and it gets all over inside the wheel. There are various critter trail accessories available just in case you want to increase the level of entertainment in this habitat. By default, this hamster cage measures 12-3/4-Inch long, 21-1/4-inch wide, 18-inch high.

Super Pet Crittertrail Extreme Challenge Habitat

Super protect technology built into all interior surfaces to provide a healthier habitat. This cage has been designed with plastic and bars; design like this helps your little friends breathe much better. Cleaning can be a little bit challenge for you, since you must take each and every part off, especially if you have more than 2 hamster, you have to clean it more often. If you are going to purchase this cage for your children, you have to be ready to help them clean it. Other than that, Super Pet Crittertrail Extreme Challenge Habitat should be a perfect adventure habitat for your pet.

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