Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel is an exiting toy for your small pets. This tunnel creates an exciting crinkle sounding exploration for ferrets, chinchillas, dwarf bunnies, guinea pigs, and other furry friends. It comes with 23-inch long with an additional opening in the center of the tunnel.

Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel


Product Features

  • Expandable tunnels stretches to 23″ long and features a crinkle material between the fabric layers that creates a unique sound experience.
  • Connectable to other Crinkle Tunnels and Fuzz-E-Funnels
  • 6-Inch diameter tunnel is great for ferrrets, chinchillas, dwarf rabbits and other small animal friends
  • Durable poly cotton material will withstand multiple washings
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat.

Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel


Some customer reviews

“My pet rabbit loves these tunnels. I have a bunch that I put together and she has a ball exploring them. Rabbits make tunnels in the wild, so these are a lot of fun for them! I even cut a few holes in some cardboard boxes to make a small maze! Keep in mind I have a jersey wooley rabbit (about 4 1/2 lbs), so if you have a lop or another large rabbit, they will probably be too small.” — Queen Elizabeth III

“I didn’t think my guinea pig would like this because of the crinkle noise but I liked the look of it so decided to give it a try. My guinea pig loves it! He prefers this to his igloo now. He spends his hiding time in the crinkle tunnel and now uses his igloo as his bathroom. I like that it has a circle opening/hole in the middle so I can easily see if my piggy is in the tunnel.” — Mom of 4

“Item was great! My ferrets are asleep inside the crinkle as we speak. Thank You.” — Mark J. Mcauliffe

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