Super Pet Chew Proof Water Bottle is completely chew proof. This product is designed with glass and stainless steel. It comes with security hanger to hold the water bottle to the inside or outside of wire small animal home. A floating yellow duck is included as reminder when you need to fill this bottle again. To prevent any accidental drip, this product features “Double Ball Bearing” drop resistant sipper tube.

Super Pet Chew Proof Water Bottle


Product Features

  • Made with durable chew proof glass
  • Clear plastic allows easy view of water level
  • Includes spring attachment hanger and floating duck
  • For small animals
  • 26-Ounce

Some customer reviews

“I can’t brag enough about the Super Pet water bottle. Finally a company that realizes we are trying to water rodents that love to chew! The glass bottle and metal cap that goes over the plastic screw on cap is pure genious. Far out performs those metal “guards” that the animals always seem to get around. These are the only water bottles i buy for my rattery.” — Redwolfangel

“Great product for small animals that chew…My chinchilla loves to get into trouble and this bottle leaves no room for worry. The bottle itself drips a very small amount and It is my opinion that this is due to my chins activity in the cage, if this is a problem for the future buyer then proceed with minimal caution. I needed it for safety and thats what I got.” — Jerod Dorn

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