StarMark Bob A Lot is an interactive toy to keep your dog happy and entertained. You can fill it with food or treats and watch as your dog tries to get all those goodies, it’s really funny. The large bottom chamber can hold up to 3 cups of food. It has difficulty level to keep your dog from getting bored. It is designed with weighted anti-slip bottom to wobble erratically for cool entertainment.

StarMark Bob A Lot In Interactive Pet Toy


Product Features

  • Fill with food or treats to keep your dog happily entertained
  • Made of soft, durable, puncture-resistant materials that stand up to tough chewers
  • Recommended for all dogs
  • Not intended as chew toy
  • Weighted bottom provides an enticing wobble

Some customer reviews

“I bought this for my lab who eats WAY too fast. I had tried one of those brake fast bowls, and it worked with one of my dogs, but it barely slowed my gulper down. Because we have lost two dogs in my extended family to bloat over the past few years, the speed at which my dog could put it away scared me. Anyway, he loves this toy–I put in his kibble twice a day and let him go. It takes him about 45 minutes to get it all out, and his tail wags the entire time. From his old 15 seconds to 45 minutes–that’s awesome!!! What a great invention!” — K. Frank

“Bought this for my 10 week maltese puppy after she figured how to rock it she is having tons of fun. A great way to make breakfast last and entertain. I like that the yellow cap can be left off for easier food dispencing and that if you put a chew stick in the top with the hole closed it is very easy to train the dog to bob the toy. Don’t let the big size deter you” — Cool Cat

“This toy is great! It took my dog almost no time to figure out how to use it and now he loves it. Our dog eats very quickly and our vet told us this can lead to complications so we thought we would give this a try. We can fill this is the morning and it holds a days worth of food. We let him have access to it in the morning and evening and it takes him about 1/2 an hour to eat. The only tiny complaint I have is you can only load it from a small hole in the top so it can take a little while to fill up.” — J. Balck

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