Are you the kind of dog owners that keep losing their dog? Well, here’s good news for you, Spotlight GPS Pet Locator System can track the location of your dog, no more driving around trying to find your buddy. This unit allows you to always know where your dog is, similar to technology that is available in cell phone. You can create custom SafeSpots location from your computer, this way, when your dog leaves that SafeSpots, this pet gadget automatically will send you alert messages, by text message, email, or both.

Spotlight GPS Pet Locator PW100 Pet Protection Tracking and Recovery System


Your dog can wear this GPS Pet Locator System as its collar, it will tell you where your pet is located just by sending Spotlight a text message or call them, 24 hours a day with precision accuracy. Great thing about this pet gadget is that Spotlight GPS is compatible to all cell phone carriers, but in order to communicate it needs to be on a T-Mobile coverage area.

Product Features

  • Service plan activation required that includes Lifetime Enrollment in AKC CAR’s (American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery) service
  • GPS locator fits on any collar and includes rechargeable battery
  • Durable, compact water resistant GPS locator with LED beacon visible from over 100 yards
  • Timely alerts via cell phone and email
  • Rescue button to connect found pet with Recovery Team and owner

Spotlight GPS Pet Locator PW100 Pet Protection Tracking and Recovery System


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