Who doesn’t love SpongeBob SquarePants? Everyone loves him. Your children love this guy too. Bring a little bit of bikini bottom to your child’s aquarium with this SpongeBob SquarePants® 6.5″ Pineapple House Ornament. SpongeBob lives in a pineapple house located at 124 Conch Street in Bikini Bottom. Your children will be enjoying watch those little fish swim in and out this pineapple house. It is a great addition to any aquarium or terrarium.

SpongeBob Squarepants 6.5 Inch Pineapple House Aquarium Ornament


Product Features

  • Bring the world of SpongeBob® home and into your child’s aquarium.
  • Enjoy the magical world of Bikini Bottom® while teaching your child about pets.
  • Officially licensed Nickelodeon® SpongeBob® ornaments. Collect ‘em all!
  • Made of a durable resin that’s safe for pets & children.
  • Continue to add our other great SpongeBob® aquarium ornaments & items.


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