Solvit Deluxe Bench Seat Cover protects the backseat of your car or SUV from getting dirty. Your pet will feel great comfort in luxury thanks to its heavy-gauge cotton twill. No more spills or scratch on your car seat. This product has multiple attachment points with adjustable straps, very safe to use for your pets. Easy to clean, since this bench seat cover is washable in all machines.

solvit 62283 deluxe bench seat cover


Product Features

  • The soft cushion provides comfort for your pet and protection for the seat from dirt and spills
  • It uses SOLViTEX fabric which a 100 percent cotton, last many years
  • The adjustable straps and multiple attachment points make sure the cover is firmly placed in the vehicle
  • Cleaning is easy, just throw it in your washing machine

People who bought Solvit cover say that it really stays put, even when a large dog jumps in and out. They even admit that this seat cover is easy to install and clean, the neutral color fits any car interior.

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