Stimulate your dog’s IQ with this cool dog toy. Give Smarter Toy IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy to your furry friend to stimulate its mental and physic. This treat ball can be filled with your dog’s favorite treats, as the dog plays, the treats will spill out. It will challenge your dog to learn how to get the treats in a fun way. The difficulty level can be adjusted.

Smarter Toy IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy


Product Features

  • Smart Toy Learning Level: Brilliant
  • Challenges and stimulates your dog’s intellect
  • Eliminates boredom and related negative behaviors like destructive chewing
  • Encourages physical activity and interactive play
  • An excellent choice for portion controlled feeding
  • Easy to fill, easy to clean
  • Non-toxic material is safe for your dog

Smarter Toy IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy


This product is also available in these merchants
– 1-800-petsupplies buy-now
– Amazon buy-now

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