Smart Solar Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Fountain offers you a tickling sound of the fountain that relax your mind and the sound of birds bathing which you surely enjoy. You don’t need electricity to make this fountain works, thanks to solar-powered pump that will circulate the water through the built-in reservoir. You can place this birdbath on your garden, no plugs and no cords needed. The stream of water sprays in all direction to keep your avian friends happy.

Smart Solar Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Fountain comes with built-in filter that will keep the water clear for a month, all you need is just about a gallon of water, and you’re set to go.

Smart Solar Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Fountain


Product Features

  • This bird bath fountain comes with solar powered water pump
  • No wires needed and very easy to install
  • This unit is made of durable and fade resistant fiberglass resin material
  • Dimensions: 18L x 18W x 25H inches, 20 lbs

Smart Solar Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Fountain


One of customers said that after installing this bird bath fountain, all those birds immediately jumped in and took a bath. If you are a wild bird lover, then you should have one in your garden. The design is really lovely, the sound of water running is so relaxing, not just birds, your friends will love it too.

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