Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl is a very handy bowl to reduce the speed of eating. This heavy duty plastic bowl is designed specially to slow rapid eating, promote regular digestion and prevent bloating and discomfort. At the bottom of the bowl, there’s a rubbery base to prevent slippage while your dog is eating. You can put this bowl into your dishwasher, for easy cleaning.

Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl


Product Features

  • Heavy duty plastic bowl designed to slow rapid eating.
  • Promotes regular digestion.
  • Prevent bloating and discomfort.
  • Designed with a rubbery base to prevent slippage while pet is eating.
  • Dishwasher safe, rust and bacteria resistant.

Some customer reviews

“This bowl is great to slow down my GSD puppy’s eating. The nonslip bottom help it from being pushed all over his crate” — M. Tilro

“Purchased for a 100lb dog. This bowl fills up to the top with about 4 cups of large breed dog food. The bowl works to slow down my dog’s eating because he has to work at getting the food out of the different sections. His nose is about mid-size – not narrow like a shepherd & not wide like a bull terrier. The bowl is not skid-proof & will slide across the floor as our dog works to get the food out of the sections.” — Sister Carrie

“I was a bit skeptical about how this would fair with the ferocity of my 70lb Coon Hound’s (mix) eating. Surprisingly, after the first few times eating with it, he stopped the pushing when he got to the last few kibble and began to eat at a slower rate, hopefully helping his digestion and keeping him a little more satisfied with the food. I feel as though he would eat so fast beforehand, that he wouldn’t feel full by the time he finished and he’d still be on the prowl for more food – this bowl has certainly lessened that problem.” — Ed

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