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Seasquirt Feeding Instrument To Feed Your Anemones, Eels, and Other Organisms

Seasquirt is a unique feeding instrument measures 21 in. but extendable to 35 in. to help you reaching all your corals and other inverts. You can deliver meaty foods to anemones, eels, and other organisms in aquarium. The graduations information along the side tells you exactly how much is in the feeder.

Seasquirt Feeding Instrument


Product Features

  • This feeding prong extends to 35″ for deep tanks or hard-to-reach areas.
  • It has a graduated tube that is marked at each milliliter to enable ease of measuring.
  • Holds up to 10ml of liquid.
  • May be used to deliver foods in suspension or liquid supplement.
  • Extendable prong at tip of Sea Squirt may be used to deliver meaty-foods to anemones, eels, and other organisms.
  • Made of shatter resistant polycarbonate plastic and durable silicone rubber; may be completely disassembled for easy cleaning.

K&H 3096 Kitty Sill Window Perch for Your Cat

K&H Kitty Sill is window perch for your cat. This unit offers sturdy cat bed, soft and comfy area to curl up while relaxing and watching over your house through the window. You can attach this unit in 2 methods: first using velcro for easy removal from the window sill, or second, use screws for more permanent connection. This cat bed is made from soft orthopedic foam with a machine washable faux lambskin removable cover.

K&H 3096 Unheated Kitty Sill


K&H 3096 Kitty Sill is easy to assemble and supports over 40 pounds. It is recommended for indoor use only. With its oval design, this Kitty Sill will look good on your window.

Product Features

  • Adjustable to any windowsill using provided Velcro? fasteners. Screws are provided for more permanent attachment.
  • Limited one-year warranty.
  • Recommended for year-round indoor use.
  • Size – 14″” x 24″” surface
  • Sturdiest, most attractive, easy to assemble cat sill on the market.
  • Super soft orthopedic foam.
  • Supports over 40 pounds.
  • Washable faux lambskin.

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Easy Rider Car Adjustable Harness For Dog

Easy Rider Car Harness for dog will keep your best buddy restrained while you drive around town. Don’t let your dog moving and walking around as you drive, because it can distract you and it’s really dangerous. Unrestrained pet in the event of car accident can be ejected from your car or slammed into the windshield, so this harness is not just to protect you, it is also to protect your dog. Easy Rider provides adjustable harness to keep your dog safe by your side when you attach it through a seat belt.

Easy Rider Car Harness for Medium Dog


Product Features

  • Perfect for travel
  • Features secure metal hardware and a padded chest strap
  • Designed to keep your dog confined, yet comfortable, this harness prevents your dog from being thrown and injured in case of short stops or accidents
  • Simple to use, this harness, easily connects to any front or rear standard seatbelt
  • Fits dogs with a 21-inch – 25-inch girth

This product is also available in different sizes

Easy Rider Car Harness for X-Small DogEasy Rider Car Harness for X-Small DogEasy Rider Car Harness for X-Small Dog


You can also use Easy Rider Car Harness as alternative dog collar when walking your pet in the park. Harness gives you better control over your dog and at the same time won’t hurt them when you pull the leash.This fleece lined chest plate is comfortable and lightweight.

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