Rubbermaid Pets Scoop ‘n Store Pet Food Storage is really great food storage, it will seals your pet food in freshness and away from pests. The slim design is perfect for storing this unit inside your utility room or garage wall. Rubbermaid Food Storage can hold a 40-45 lb. bag of food. It is made from durable materials, crack resistant.

Rubbermaid Pets Scoop 'n Store Pet Food Storage


Product Features

  • The seal keeps your pet food fresh and locking out pests and pets
  • The slim body design makes it ideal for storing against any utility room
  • This pet food storage comes with handy pet scoop

It would be wise to keep pet food in this storage if you had small ants around the house. It keeps those ants away while at the same time protect the freshness of the pet food inside.

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