rep-cal adult iguana food 2.5lb jar

To ensure your Iguana is getting the complete daily nutrition, you should try Rep-Cal Adult Iguana Food which is formulated to make sure the proper growth and health of your pet. Rep-Cal reptile food provides optimal levels of vitamins and minerals in great taste which your iguana will surely love. It is a veterinarian recommended food containing natural plant and fruit ingredients iguanas love and provides the 100% complete daily nutrition they need. Rep-Cal Adult Iguana Food has been tested successfully for adult iguanas (more than 12in long from nose to base of tail) by reptile veterinarians.

The color and flavor are created to meet iguana’s taste. You can watch as they pass up their bowl and notice their food, they can’t resist it. In fact, they might no longer have nutritional deficiency problems since you use this product to feed them. I think it’s better not to replace your pet daily fresh vegetables all together with this product. It’s better to mix it just for few days, consider this as some kind of emergency food for your reptile when fresh vegetables are unavailable. This product is usually available in most reptile pet stores, so it’s not that hard to find. However some online merchants might sell Rep-Cal Adult Iguana Food in cheaper price, you just have to find the right place.

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