Rabbit Chalet Indoor Rabbit Hutch provides a safe and comfort home for your bunny. You can take with you this rabbit house along with your pet while traveling, your bunny will enjoy the ride inside the house. This rabbit house is perfect for elderly or young rabbits, because they might not jump from level to level. It’s constructed of durable plywood with non-toxic finish, you can be sure your rabbit is safe inside this house.

Rabbit Chalet Indoor Rabbit Hutches


The hinged roof in this rabbit house allows you for easy access to your rabbit, hinged door doubles as an entry ramp when open. Rabbit Chalet uses plastic liner pan inside, this will make you easier to clean up. There’s a handle on top of this unit so that you can use this hutch as a carrier.

Product Features

  • Aside from being a rabbit house, this unit can also be used as a carrier
  • It’s constructed from durable wood, the hinged roof gives you easy access inside
  • Measures: 18L x 21.5W x 18H inches

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