When you see Popware For Pets Collapsible Pet Feeder, you’ll remember magician’s top hat. This pet feeder can be adjusted for easy storage. Take it with you on the road, or even just at home, it’s perfect either way. The entire set collapses to around 1.5 inches high (small). It comes with 2 removable bowls that can hold water and pet food. You can wash it easily and thoroughly in your dishwasher, even when the feeder is collapsed.

Popware For Pets Collapsible Pet Feeder


Product Features

  • Collapsible pet feeder ready to store or take anywhere
  • Features 2 removable, portable bowls
  • Collapses to just 1.375 inches high
  • Ideal for water or wet or dry food
  • Washes thoroughly in dishwasher

Popware For Pets Collapsible Pet Feeder


Some customer reviews

“I do a lot of traveling with my animals (dogs) and of course only stay in hotels/motels where animals are allowed. This little platform feeder and water dish is ideal for my particular situation. These can be easily cleaned each morning at the start of the travel day. It folds up nicely and is quite easy to pack. Both of my dogs that I travel with are smaller, but quite rowdy but they have been unable to tear this bowls set up. I feed dry food but these would ideal for wet too because of the ease in cleaning. As advertized, it is dishwater safe. The two cup holding capacity is ideal for my critters. This is a rather lightweight item which is also helpful. I very much recommend this feeding system.” — Wood Wren

“I love this dog feeder set for our maltese because it is just high enough for her, it is easy to clean, portable, and durable.” — Angelica Gonzalez

“My dog loves this bowl, I can tell that he is happier not having to lean his neck down to reach his food.. it’s so cute, he sits at it like a little dog table! Its also great for travel and storage.. I don’t like to leave my dog’s food out all day, so when he’s done eating I can just fold it up and slip it in the dishwasher or cabinet, or take it with us when we go on little road trips :) Its also so much better looking in the house than traditional dog dishes. Overall, great item!” — Annie Shamoon

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