This grooming tool is a pain-free way to groom your pet from the comfort of your own home. PetZoom Self Cleaning Grooming Brush helps you removing unwanted hair, dirt, and debris from your pet’s fur. Your dog or cat won’t feel irritated because this soft brush comforts even the most sensitive skin. It’s a new way of self-cleaning your pet. You can use PetZoom Brush on both dogs and cats with short, long, or curly hair.

PetZoom Self Cleaning Grooming Brush


Product Features

  • One Touch Brush- Cleans itself
  • Attracts loose hair, dander and dirt
  • Adjustable bristle length for long or short coats
  • Perfect for Wet and Dry grooming
  • Trimmer attachment for pamper size. This trimmer attachment will trim back your pet’s hair.
  • Use it to remove knots, fur balls, gum or anything stuck in pet’s hair

PetZoom Self Cleaning Grooming Brush


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