PetZoom Pet Park Dog Potty lets your dog do his/her business indoor. This Pet Park is made with a synthetic grass to prevent any stains and you can rinse it clean in just seconds. The artificial grass prevents your pet from urinating your precious carpet, rug or furniture. How it works? Well, there are several stages of protection, first it will allow the fluids to pass through the anti-microbial mat. The mat stays high above the liquid in the collection tray because of Pet Park’s elevated grid system. Just simply empty the collection tray every night.

PetZoom Dog Potty features reusable surface that is easy to clean and easy to store, you can be sure it will stay fresh and sanitary. Using this unit, you don’t need to spend some money for dog walkers, you can just let your dog run inside the house when you don’t have the time to walk them. But please do keep in mind that taking your dog for a walk is also very important to keep your best pal happy. Pad measures – 20 x 25 inches Great for mature dogs, special needs dogs, stormy weather and snowstorms, puppy training, high rise apartments and condos and long days at the office.

petzoom pet park indoor dog potty

Based on its dimension, some people don’t think it’s suitable for large sized dogs, since the basin below the grassy patch is pretty shallow. There are times when your dog might try to scratch and pull the grass patch (it’s a natural instinct of a dog), so, if your dog is not trained to play with it, you better not leave your dog unattended with this pet park.

petzoom pet park dog potty

If you live in urban area or an apartment which don’t have a yard, you might want to consider this economical option. Instead of spending hundreds of dollar every month to buy fresh grasses, why don’t you give this product a try. It seems that most dogs don’t need any training to use this potty, it happens naturally. If you need help, you can try to use training spray which attracts dogs to pee in particular area. For the easy to clean part, well, even though there are a lot of reviewers say that this unit is easy to clean, we still recommend you to purchase odor remover spray. After sometime, you should replace the grass pad for hygiene reason.

When you purchase PetZoom Pet Park Dog Potty, inside the box, you’ll find a base to elevate the unit, an anti-microbila mat (the grass pad), and a collection tray which holds up to a gallon of liquid.

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