PetSafe PIF-300-11 Wireless Pet Containment System keeps your dog safely contained in the yard with its wireless fence. This unit can be used for dogs over 8 pounds by simply plug in the transmitter which will emit a constant radio signal from an adjustable 5 to 90 feet in all directions. To set up this device, you need probably less than an hour, no installation and no wire burying are needed.

Your dog needs to wear a lightweight receiver collar to receive the signal. Your pet will still be able to run free and play in the yard, but when your best friend approaches the boundary of the signal area, he/she will receive a warning beep. If your dog still didn’t return, he/she would receive a static correction, startling, but not harmful, this way your dog will learn its boundaries.

PetSafe PIF-300-11 Wireless Pet Containment System


PetSafe PIF-300-11 Wireless Pet Containment System features an on/off switch, a boundary control dial, a high/low switch, and a power indicator light. The collar is waterproof and using 6-volt battery with low-battery indicator light. It is suggested to use this pet containment system for dogs six months or older.

Product Features

  • Wireless radio-fence containment system for pets weighing 8 pounds or more
  • Covers an adjustable circular area of up to a 1/2 acre (180-foot diameter)
  • Receiver delivers safe static correction when pet strays into warning zone
  • Waterproof receiver collar uses 6-volt battery; setup and training manual included
  • Transmitter measures 8-1/2 by 9 by 9 inches; receiver measures 1 by 2 by 1 inches

PetSafe PIF-300-11 Wireless Pet Containment System


Some customer reviews

“After much research, we are SO HAPPY we chose this product over the traditional in-ground fences! No worries about ruining any wires when we aerate the lawn or do our landscaping… It’s a very flexible, cost-effective solution and it works GREAT for our very feisty 2-year-old Schnauzer mix. We keep the collar on the lowest correctional setting and to tell you the truth, at this point he probably doesn’t even need the correction — just hearing the warning beep is enough for him. He immediately turns around and gets closer to the house when he hears the beep. It only took one or two days for him to figure out his boundaries. At first he was a little afraid to go outside at all, but within less than a week he was happily playing outside in the “pet area” of the yard. Only drawback to this product is that there’s no “safe gate area” where you can exit the circular pet area. (So we just take the receiver collar off our dog and put on his regular collar when we want to exit the yard to take him for leash walks.) Highly recommend this product.” — J. Brooks

“Our dogs were in such a habit of digging under our fence and roaming for hours. It was frustrating. We hesitated to purchase due to the cost, and just not sure how effective it would be. I finally broke down and ordered. It was the VERY best thing I’ve ordered in quite a while. We use the maximum range, and only a moderate correction level. We set the collars, plugged it in, turned it on…dogs broke the barrier ONCE!! Got them back in the yard right away (they were quite startled), and haven’t had a problem since. Worth EVERY penny!!!” — Daisy Picker

“We had ours setup in less than an hour. We found that the easiest way to ease the dog into it was to put it on the lowest setting that worked, and let him figure out the boundaries. Once he is zapped a couple times the warning beep makes him stop in his tracks and turn around before he his zapped again! We purchased this unit to keep our dog out of the road in front of the house. With the proper placement of the base the boundary is now about 4 feet before the road. Now the dog doesn’t go close to the road, and we don’t have to worry about him getting hit by a car. VERY pleased with this product!

My only beef about this product is the price. It should not cost near as much as it does for such a simple design. Given the result I do not regret the purchase, but hope to see the price come down in the future and maybe a little competition in the wireless dog fence market.” — Steven Brown

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