PetSafe PBC 102 No Bark Collar prevents any excessive barking with harmless and easy to use nylon collar. It needs 6 volt battery into the lightweight receiver. This product works by detecting the vibrations in the pet’s throat and emits a mild static shock with an audible warning beep. If the dog barks again in 30 seconds, the next shock will be stronger than before, there are 6 correction levels available. Soon, your dog will learn not to bark unless it’s really necessary.

PetSafe PBC 102 No Bark Collar


PetSafe PBC 102 No Bark Collar is designed to train your dog, not to punish it, all those shocks are not harmful, even for small dogs. This unit is water resistant.

Product Features

  • Bark-control collar sends harmless static shock to the dog whenever it barks
  • Adjustable nylon collar senses vibration in dog’s throat during barking
  • Lightweight receiver perfect for toy or small breeds
  • Includes water-resistant receiver, operating manual and replaceable 6-volt battery
  • Receiver measures 1.75 x 1 x 1.25 inches; limited lifetime warranty

Some customer reviews

“The collar worked great on my 2 month old lab. He only had to wear it for about a week at night (that was the only time he barked for us, when he was alone in his kennel). The first two times he barked, he yelped and cried for a few seconds but was quiet after and had no other issues. He is 3 months, going on 4 months now and we do not put the collar on him at night anymore, only when we will leave him in the garage for more than an hour or two alone (as we live in a duplex).” — Eileen

“I bought these collars for my 2 dogs… one is 55# and one is 20# and it worked on both dogs… Very happy…. works on vibration so one dog cannot set off the other dog’s collar… after you fit them the first day, have a neighbor or someone come over so you can observe how your dogs react to the “corrections”… it only took a few zaps for my dogs to learn…” — Amy C. Masuyama

“This item works. After we received a couple of nasty phone calls from a neighbor, we knew we had to do something. We bought this hoping that the barking would be reduced, but the big surprise is that there is complete silence in the backyard. The dog occasionally barks(very rare), but no more than twice before he stops . I wish we had bought this sooner. Thanks to the manufacturer for making a product that actually works and, better yet, forces our neighbors to find someone else to complain about.” — Cole Family6

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