Pets International Super Sleeper Sleep E-Tent is a comfortable hide-out and resting spot for your ferrets. This unit features super soft slumber with fluffy fleece to provide comfort for ferrets. When zippered, this unit becomes a cozy hanging tent-shaped hide out, while unzipped, Super Sleeper E-Tent turns into a hammock. Very cute isn’t it?

Pets International Super Sleeper Sleep E-Tent


Product Features

  • Easily attaches inside any wire home to provide additional layers of living space.
  • Durable material will withstand multiple washings. Machine wash gentle cycle or hand wash
  • 11″L x 11″W x 14″H

Some customer reviews

“This is the sleeping tent that they love. Some of them have even figured out that if they poke their nose thru the top they can unzip whatever zipper they want for more escape holes or to have a window to peep thru.Unfortunately, they love it so much that they have worn out the material on the bottom of it on one side. Which is okay because you can turn the tent inside out. Very handy! The zippers themselves have held up well. But it sure doesn’t look as nice after you wash it once or twice.The ferrets don’t care about that though.” — Sandi

“I actually got a pink and green striped one of this, which is actually ultra cute! It’s great for ferrets because it offers a really comfy, dark place for them to sleep. I think this bed is sooo cute!” — Celine

“My ferret Sadie loves this thing. Its her second favorite bed, her first being my sock drawer. I try to keep it up in the pyramid bit she always likes to unzip it into the hammok form. Its a pretty decent little bed.” — Amanda

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