Petrodex dental chews for small dogs have a patented enzyme formula which already proven to reduce plaque and control tartar. Your buddy will love this chewable snack and at the same time, when your dog’s saliva touches the chew, the enzymes are instantly released, activating the anti-bacterial system. You can also check the texture, this will surely help remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth.

petrodex dental chews for small dog

Petrodex dental chews are also available in different sizes, for medium dogs or large dogs, you can choose which one is suitable for your dogs.

You might be worried if your dog consumed this product, it would leave any bad brown stains on the carpet. Don’t worry, it won’t, the only thing that this product leaves you is the fresh breath. Usually dogs develop dental problems in their old ages. You can try to browse their teeth or use dental chews to treat it. However, if your dog doesn’t like the usual dental chews, you might want to give this product a try because it looks like a beefhide. This product is inexpensive and there are many good reviews. You can also add your own review about Petrodex dental chews in this page, I’d love to hearing from you.

This product is available in these merchants :
- Amazon buy-now
- (for small dogs)* buy-now
- (for medium dogs)* buy-now
- PetsUnited (for small dogs)* buy-now
- PetsUnited (for medium dogs)* buy-now
- PetsUnited (for large dogs)* buy-now

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