Interesting watering system can encourage your dogs or cats to hydrate themselves. Petmate Ultra Bubbler Watering System provides a cool bubbling water effect that certainly will make your pets eager to drink again and again and again. This watering system with contemporary design will fit your home decor. This unit automatically replenishes the water level from the transparent reservoir and constantly oxygenates the water for a better taste. Any pet would get excited by those bubbling water effects. You need to make sure that the lid is securely sealed around all edges, to avoid the bowl from overflowing.

Petmate Ultra Bubbler Watering System


Product Features

  • Includes clear water reservoir and AC power cord
  • Assembles easily in minutes with no tools required
  • Ideal for multi-pet households
  • Bubbling water effect encourages pets to drink
  • Automatically oxygenates and replenishes your pet’s water supply

Some customer reviews

“My pets love this waterer. They like it much better then the more expensive kind with flowing water. This is my second one, for putting in another area.

One of my cats loves to sit with his paws around it watching the bubbles; I think he likes the moist environment.

Other advantages are large capacity and ease of cleaning. No water pump to unclog and generally make your life miserable. The air pump sits at a distance of several feet; in my case on the counter above the waterer.” — Penny L. Schenker

“The bubbler arrived quickly and was easy to assemble. It has been in constant use for two months now. I have had no problems with it at all. Originally, I purchased it for use when I would be out of town. My cats were a bit fearful the first few seconds after turning it on but they were soon perching on top of it and then playing IN it! The first day it was in use I thought it was leaking because there was water all over the floor. I cleaned up and kept a closer eye on it. Turns out my two monkey cats were splashing each other! I cannot imagine turning it off now. I always know there will be fresh water available for the girls. AS for noise, it does hum and there is the sound of water bubbles. It is no more noise than I expected and is very tolerable. This was money well spent!” — 2wheels

“I could not ask more out of this watering system. It is easy to clean with no little nooks and crannies that require special brushes to reach. Its easy to maintain since it doesn’t require expensive filters and best of all the cats love it!” — R. Sullivan

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