This innovative Petmate 22501 Litter Locker offers you a solution for soiled litter disposal. Using this unit, you can have a hygienic, easy, and odorless way to dispose your pet waste, just scoop and sift the litter into the litter box. The litter scoop is included with this product. Your pet waste is sealed away inside a 7-ply odor barrier bag, and each bag can lasts up to 2 months for one cat.

Petmate 22501 Litter Locker Plus With Microban Cat Litter Disposal container


Please remember that after 2 weeks, you need to empty the bag. Petmate Litter Locker features microban antimicrobial protection to prevent the growth of stain and odor producing bacteria.

Product Features

  • Innovative Award Winning System
  • Includes: LitterLockerĀ®, Scoop, and Odor Barrier Bag Dispenser.
  • Refill Odor Barrier Bags last up to 2 months per cat.
  • Stores up to two weeks of cat elimination before disposal is required.
  • Seven-ply plastic film seals litter odor away.
  • Easy to use: One turn a day, keeps the odor away.
  • Measures 14 x 9.75 x 15.25

Some customer reviews

“Its awsome i have never seen it before i have always wanted it for my 3 cats im going to buy it so if you have a cat you should buy it too!” — Daisy

“The Litter Locker is the BEST!! When I first ran cross the Litter Locker I thought how genius – it is like a diaper genie for cats! I had 3 cats at the time I first purchased this product so I bought 2. I really does hold the smells inside (although it you let it sit too long the smell will eventually seep out a little). It is SOOOO awesome to not have to take out litter waste daily (sometimes more) in plastic bags that sometimes have holes. The refills are quick and easy to replace. I now have 5 cats and two lockers still work because my cats go outside. I do have to empty them more frequently BUT IT IS WORTH IT! Clean up is so easy and the refill bags (and the Litter Locker itself) are very reasonably priced. I have to say this is the best pet care product purchase I have ever made!” — Sheryl

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