Petmate Pet Steps (29530) can avoid you from waking up in the morning because of your dog’s bark giving you a hint to lift. These carpeted pet steps are perfect for small dogs or aging dogs, you can place it next to your bed, couch or other raised platform to eliminate your best pals from stress of jumping on and off. This product can also eliminate the stress in your pets of jumping up to or down from high places. These pet steps are lightweight and designed to fit most of beds and sofas, with its carpeted steps, it will avoid any slip. No assembly required because of its strong one-piece construction.

petmate pet steps 29530

There are many versions of pet steps out there that can suit your needs. By versions, I mean about the height and materials. For most customers who bought this product, they said that these steps had the perfect height to the higher place that their pets wanted to reach. So, if you read complains about these steps being too low or too high, well it’s not the product’s fault. Before purchasing any pet steps, you should pay attention to the dimension of the product. This version of Petmate Pet Steps (29530) have 20 inches in height. It looks like the perfect steps for small sized dogs.

Since this product is made from plastic, several reviewers have pointed out on the issue of the foot base sliding on a hardwood floor. If this happens to you, use a couple strips of masking tape for the bottom edges for easy fix. The masking tape is good enough to hold it steady if you use these steps for small dogs.

At first, your pets might not feel comfortable using it. It takes time to get the pets to get used to, just train them regularly to get on and off a higher place using it. Petmate Pet Steps is made in USA and even though it’s plastic, it uses 25% recycled materials.

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