This cute Peter’s woven grass play ball toy is perfect for your rabbit, since it’s made of natural grasses which are safe to chew and give long hours of entertainment for your lovely bunny. You might wonder whether it’s the smell of the hay or the sound of the bell inside, but one thing for sure, your rabbit will go crazy for it. It’s a good thing to let your little bun play with it, in fact the bell is so little that it won’t make any annoying sound. You can have fun watching the bunny picks it up, toss it, jumps on it, it’s really cute.

peter's woven grass play ball

It takes from 2 days to weeks for your rabbit to chew this grass ball, it depends on how excited your rabbit with his new toy. Some rabbits take their time because they are really enjoying chewing, tossing, rolling this toy. It keeps them busy for hours in their cage.

If you have provided your bunnies with unlimited hay, they might show little interest or not at all in this toy. Well, they have enough hay to chew on already. But if you have pets other than bunnies, such as rats, you can give this toy a try. In fact, you’ll see how those rats turn this grass ball into their bed. I guess they feel comfortable snuggling in Peter’s Woven Grass Play Ball. You might end up buying this grass ball for your other small pets :)

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