Peter’s All Natural Timothy Hay has no preservatives or additives that can harm your rabbits or small animals health. This product is sun cured, all natural consumable hay.

Peter's All Natural Timothy Hay for rabbits and small animals


Product Features

  • Natural Hay
  • 48 oz bag

Some customer reviews

“We have tried other brands of timothy hay for our first guinea pig and he would eat them all, but when we first offered him this brand he went nuts for it. He still loves it and we just got a second piggy that seems to prefer this over what was sent home with him. The quality is great. Not much dust in the bag from this hay either. Some of the other brands leave a tremendous amount of dust at the bottom of the bag.” — rjncmj

“This hay from Peters was nearly all consumable, with a low percentage of stems and seed heads. My guinea pigs ate nearly all of it every day. I will be buying this brand exclusively for my pets.” — Mary E. DePrato

“This was a lot of hay for the money. It is also good quality hay. Good value.” — Sherri L. Carsello

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