You can grow your own healthy organic greens just right out of the bag. Pet Grass Self-Grow Kit provides the finest quality seed in custom-blended 100% certified organic wheat grass soil to enhance. This way, you can give your pet a safe and healthy grass. This kit grows in just 7-10 days and perfect for all pets.

Pet Greens Garden Self Grow Kit


Product Features

  • Cats – Place by feeding bowl or window as a healthy alternative to potentially harmful houseplants.
  • Dogs – Add fine clippings to wet or dry food as a nutrient-packed alternative to chemically treated lawn grass.
  • Birds – Place near perch for a tasty pruning and juicing treat.
  • Reptiles and Small Animals – Add fine clipping to feeding bowl for a powerful source of calcium and antioxidant vitamins.

Pet Greens Garden Self Grow Kit


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