Push your pet around in this Pet Gear AT3 All Terrain 3 Wheel Pet Stroller, with its large size, you can place 2-3 small dogs or pets inside. This dog stroller is very stylish and with its ergonomic design, you can use just one hand to open and close it in seconds. Three 11″ wheels make this versatile pet stroller able to conquer any obstacle, regardless of whether it is uneven pavement, or a bumpy trail. You can use use this stroller at night, it has safety reflectors, removable waterproof tray, wind and rain cover to keep your pets safe from bad weather.

Pet Gear AT3 All Terrain 3 Wheel Large Pet Stroller in Red Poppy


Product Features

  • It supports up to 60 pound capacity
  • Wind and rain cover to protect your pet during bad weather
  • Zippered interior compartment measures 28 by 14-1/2 by 22-1/2 inches
  • The use of breathable mesh is not only great for ventilation but also visibility
  • You can place your pet’s stuff in storage basket
  • 3 large 11-inch wheels with rear-wheel shock absorbers ensure a smooth ride
  • Measures 52 by 25 by 40-1/2 inches

Pet Gear AT3 All Terrain 3 Wheel Large Pet Stroller in Blue


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